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September 4, 2020

IED finalist with 16 students at the Global Design Graduate Show – Arts Thread i-D media partner

ARTSTHREAD and i-D have launched the first online Global Design Graduate Show for all students graduating this year. The competition was open to all art and design students graduating in 2019-20 in any creative discipline and anywhere in the world.

A total of 4,482 students from all over the world participated with their end-of-year projects in this event. After an initial open phase, there is now an edited phase with a selection of projects among which IED is present with as many as 16 students from Italy, Spain and Brazil and representing the 4 categories:

DIGITAL / VISUAL COMMUNICATION / FILM: Lea SoulardRania AzmiFilippo LucchiniGiampaolo ZironeFernanda Bezerril
FASHION / TEXTILES / ACCESSORIES: Sofia Adell, Marija KozomoraAlessandro Rupilli

Let’s support them with our vote!

The deadline for voting is September 14th and lately (by October) the winners of the special prizes for each category will be announced.