October 6, 2021

IED in “Chile’s Encuentro Local – For the Common Good”

IED participates for the first time in Encuentro Local, a digital program that brings together the best of contemporary design and crafts in Chile. For 6 days the unpublished work of great Chilean designers will be exhibited and accompanied by a parallel program of lectures from international and local designers, seeking  to connect the public with the creation, processes, innovation and new expressions of Chilean design in order to share and promote knowledge and cultural development.

Architect and fashion designer, IED´s Master teacher Raquel Buj will speak of “The Dress as Skin’s Architecture”. For centuries mankind has wrapped cloth around our bodies and called it fashion. Today’s context makes exploring the uses and materials of fashion for more than 8 billion humans a fundamental topic. Can we apply Nature’s wisdom to our designs? Can we use technologies developed for different fields for Fashion development? Journeying through Raquel’s career, we’ll explore her innovations and inspirations for the future.

In “(Co)Design: The 21st Century’s Paradigm” Isabel Berz, Head of IED REC Research and Education Center, explores the different spaces and languages of traditional craft with the purpose of rethinking and redefining the values, process and production of today’s fashion and design. Facing-off seemingly antagonizing concepts, like craft and technology; tradition and innovation; or heritage and future. We’ll look into a successful case study between IED students and artisan women from Puno, Peru.

IED will also present a scholarship to one of IED’s summer courses 2022 for Encuentro Local’s “Talento Emergente ” a new and noteworthy initiative promoting young talent with fresh solutions.

Encuentro Local takes place online from 8 to 13 October 2021.

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