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April 20, 2021

IED in Design Day – Universidad de Medellín, Colombia

On April 27th, IED will offer a conference about “The role of design in the transition towards a Circular Economy”, within the celebration of Design Day in Colombia. 

The event is organized by the Design Faculty of the University of Medellín-Colombia, as part of the annual activities that this institution carries out around current topics, that allow interaction and updating between its students and the interested community in general.

IED collaborates in this event, within the framework cooperation agreement signed with the University of Medellín.

This year the main topic will be the Circular Economy, since it is very important that designers are aware and responsible for the impact that the industry has on the environment, and at the same time see the opportunities for evolution and development that a designer can bring.

Nicola Cerantola, will be the expert who will represent IED at his conference, where he will address topics such as the role of design, innovation, circular economy and technology in the transformation of society and business towards more respectful models with the environment and persons. An exciting journey that begins with the history of humanity and its relationship with the environment and the economy and that brings us to the present to better understand the future and try to evolve with it.

It will also talk about disruptive technologies, design inspired by nature, market dynamics that we need to decipher and align with the interests of humanity and the planet to create a new and better society.

Nicola Cerantola is a trainer, consultant, author and explorer in Design, Entrepreneurship and Circular Economy. External expert for UNEP-UNIDO. Mechanical Engineer, specialist in Sustainable Design, Green Entrepreneurship and Circular Economy. Developer of the “Ecologing” project and mentor of entrepreneurship projects redirecting the direction of companies through the development of sustainable tools.

If you want to participate in the event for free, please register here:

If you want to access the Conference about Circular economy on next April 27th at 10:00 am (Colombian time), please enter here