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November 4, 2021

IED in Design Week Puebla

Design Week Puebla (DWP) is a festival dedicated to design, art and culture from the state of Puebla. A hybrid festival where the programming seeks to be diverse in formats, both physically and virtually -adaptable and flexible. Showcasing and reflecting a collective vision around our origins, lifestyles, societies, and the creative process in traditional craft. Bringing forth knowledge and products with identity.

IED collaborates in this edition of DWP through two conferences given by renowned experts from IED Bilbao and Madrid:

In “(Co)Design: The 21st Century’s Paradigm” Isabel Berz, Head of IED Innovation Lab in Spain, explores the different spaces and languages of traditional craft with the purpose of rethinking and redefining the values, process and production of today’s fashion and design. Facing-off seemingly antagonizing concepts, like craft and technology; tradition and innovation; or heritage and future. We’ll look into a successful case study between IED students and artisan women from Puno, Peru.

Brothers Jota and Aitor Aretxabaleta from Estudio Hopper-INK, will talk about “Motion Graphics, The Hopper Method.” Hopper is a mutant creature, a multidisciplinary family of creators. A graphic design agency and an advertising studio. A multi-headed entity determined to break the classic patterns of thought. Animation, graphics, video, internet, print, marketing, on-line, off-line, off the wall!!, excessive, stubborn, proud, surreal, irreverent and affectionate, friendly and uninhibited. Designing life and living design. This is the Hopper method.

Design Week Puebla will take place from November 2-7, 2021

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