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February 19, 2019

IED in Iran at Italian Design Day

On the occasion of the Italian Design Day 2019, the Embassy of Italy in Teheran and IED Istituto Europeo di Design cordially invite you to the seminar Smart City, Design, Art and Fashion of the Future, by Mr. Giovanni Ottonello, IED Art Director. The event is also supported by Soureh University and the Center of Excellence in Architectural Technology.

Smart City, Design, Art and Fashion of the Future: the five senses
Giovanni Ottonello

The vision of new cities obviously does not belong only to contemporaneity but cities that could be new or “on a human scale” have always been spoken / desired / dreamed of.

Recent data state that by 2050 the global population living in urban areas will double and more than 70% of the inhabitants of our planet will live in a city. These alarming data make us think about broader and more complex issues connected with migratory flows, the work system, hygiene, means of transport, communication and integration.The next challenge will surely be played in finding a balance and management of these processes.

The city therefore becomes a place of aggregation able to sustain and guarantee quality of life and relationship with the surrounding environment. Our era will be marked by a new word: smart city. Behind it concepts that involve technology, research and new strategies are hidden.

The concept dates back to the Renaissance cities of the fourteenth century. My intervention starts from here to try to understand what we are doing today to face these new dynamics and how other disciplines have been involved. Living an intelligent city also means being aware of how to live it and having the tools to feel ourselves part of a wider project. So Product Design produces shapes while Fashion protects us with innovative materials and finally the art moves on a railways track to draw our attention.

The purpose of my intervention is to open a window on what is happening right now in the fields of creativity, also telling a brief history of smart cities and their contemporary implications. I have chosen to use the five senses because they are part of us and through them we are stimulated. We must start from this for an unexpected future


Sunday, March the 3rd 2019
University of Tehran, Pardis Honarhaie Ziba, Hall Shahid Avini

Italian, Farsi simultaneous translation

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