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September 5, 2019

IED in IXEL Moda Cartagena Colombia – 1st Meeting of LATAM Creative Industries

IED Istituto Europeo di Design, will participate as an invited Academic Institution in the Next IXEL Moda Cartagena Congress, which is held from October 10 th to 12nd in the city of Cartagena- Colombia.

The main topic of the event will be:

Creative Hearts vs. Artificial Intelligence“: Can it be a mechanical science as the creative heart of fashion?

Alessandro Manetti, CEO of IED Spain, will offer a lecture about “Global future scenarios of the fashion system: a visual map for designers and innovators of the 21st century”

The conference will address the main trends that, at the macro-cultural, macro-economic and technological levels, will impact the fashion system and its relationship with final consumers over the next 15 years.

The different future scenarios in which the design of European and global fashion can play an important role in generating effective and innovative responses to relevant issues of the future will also be explored.

In addition, issues related to new lifestyles, new forms of communication, new technologies for creation, development, production and distribution of the fashion product will be addressed.

IED recognizes and rewards the talent of Colombian creatives and will award a summer course to the winner of the photo contest, which will be held during the event.

Ixel Moda Cartagena is an event that already has 8 editions and is registered more than 120 speakers from around the world, more than 10,000 participants and more than 60,000
participants. This event meets, business, professionals, students and faculty, designers, mass media, models, photographers of the fashion system.

As part of the activities scheduled during the 9th Congress of Ixel Moda Cartagena, the “Great Artisan Hall of the Caribbean” will be held, also the 1st Latin American Meeting of Creative Industries, which will simultaneously include an exhibition of interior design and utilitarian art.

Likewise, there will be an exhibition of plastic arts and photography with gastronomic experiences to discover the magic of Latin culture, through the palates of renowned national and international chefs.

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