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November 6, 2020

IED participates in the Dubai Design Week 2020 with 2 projects

IED is delighted to announce that Tribe and Mossy 2 final projects respectively from Undergraduate in Product Design IED Milano and in IED Madrid, have been selected to feature the 2020 Global Grad Show within the Dubai Design Week, taking place from November 9th to 14th 2020.


TRIBE – Movability, Product Design thesis from IED Milano

This thesis project from a group of graduates (Lorenzo Arnold, Davide Bonetti, Luca Colombo, Lorenzo Corradeschi, Alessia Crova, Federico Dalle Nogare, Milan Fontana, Tommaso Formica, Gabriele Mastromarchi, Jocelyn Grace Pericotti, Bernardo Prempe, Edoardo Trombini, Giulio Zampieri) in product Design at IED Milano aims to providing an answer to today’s mobility needs from a circular economy perspective and open source platforms for the design of a 2/3/4 wheel urban vehicle (owned or shared, with different functions) that takes into account social, structural, economic, technological factors and the trends that make up today’s complex scenario. Starting from the study of a large target audience (18-70 years), three “archetypes” were identified, three personalities with different habits, desires and travel needs. Tribe’s strategy is therefore to offer a platform with double value: tangibly (the basic and modular element of the vehicle) and intangible (a digital platform).On a physical (tangibe) level, the design of the vehicles is declined in modular solutions aimed at each of the macro-groups of users, identified as real tribes. The base is the “V”-shaped element of the chassis that allows the creation of vehicles of varying dimensions according to the needs, capable of accommodating 2,3 and 4 wheels. On the intangible level, the digital platform allows the aggregation of users in multiple situations: from the proper design and construction of vehicles through a configurator that allows stockholder to create the best service’s tools for their needs.Tavola da disegno 2Tavola da disegno 4



MOSSY is the Fernanda Bezanilla Court final project – Product Design in IED Madrid. It is a product created to reduce pollution as well as informing people about the great issues that are currently taking place. The product is composed by two independent parts, the bottom which has moss (many studies have come to the conclusion that moss is a great indicator of pollutants as well as a great ally to reduce them, as its large surface area  manages to consume more dirty particles than trees), that is kept wet by an internal irrigation system and is encapsulated to remain protected as well as humid so it can grow.

The top part has both a filter and a mechanism that helps us clean the filter. Once the button is pressed by people around the display screen turns on which shows information about the problem (air pollution) and its effects on the body. The push of the button also actions the spin of the top part of the product. When the top spins, the air is forced to pass through the filter and thus the dirt particles are caught and then pushed down into a container.

FernandaBezanillaCourt_TituloSuperiorProducto_Mossy04_19-20 FernandaBezanillaCourt_TituloSuperiorProducto_Mossy01_19-20