July 20, 2020

IED ROMA: 5 outdoor lessons mastering the capital

After months of online teaching, due to Covid-19 emergency, in June IED students came back to meet and lecture together in some of the historic scenarios of the Capital and, above all, in compliance with current security measures. The distance turned into opportunities during the 5 lessons session La Città Insegna (i.e. The City Teaches).

The initiative, sponsored by the Municipality of Rome, was born from the desire to offer IED students a new and effective way of training, taking advantage of the need for distance and convert it into an opportunity. “Education is an experience that can take place anywhere if you approach it with a free look – says Laura Negrini, IED Roma Director. The teaching that the school transfers to the student must translate into a real ability to relate to different and increasingly extensive contexts, such as urban ones, reacting to the unexpected and really learning from the world”.

During the cycle, ended on June 26 2020, Rome became the ideal place for learning. The lessons were carried out with the use of personal transceivers, to ensure compliance with the rules of distancing in force, and involved in a broad sense all the disciplines: design, fashion, visual arts and communication.

From the study of the frieze of Trajan’s Column as a cue to study an advertising storyboard, students moved on to the research of the semiotic meaning of Ponte Sant’Angelo and its ten statues. From a fashion shoot realized inside Parco degli Acquedotti they proceeded to the study of the textures of the plants and the harmonious relationships of nature in the Botanical Garden. The idea of transforming the city into a place to learn, finally, was expressed through an action planned in Piazza del Campidoglio, where instruments for measuring the cautionary distance were displayed, able to draw an ideal open-air class, or rather a space to live in promoting relationships and not isolation.

Below you can enjoy the dedicated video