January 9, 2018

IED Roma Now: Disruptive transformation of creative education


Disruptive transformation of creative education is the latest talk of IED Roma Now with Jamshid Alamuti. IED Roma Now is the agenda dedicated to IED teachers, a training project for the development of new professional skills, which was ideated by Nerina Di Nunzio, IED Roma Director.

The event  will take place on Wednesday the 24th of January at 6.30 pm at IED Roma. It’s open and entrance is free. Although everyone is welcome, places are limited, therefore it is necessary to confirm your participation at the following e-mail address: 

Looking at wave cycles of innovation, the concept of industry 4.0 or any other concepts of predicting future and the related economy, it becomes apparent that current models of work and business, employment and life style and what the emerging generation is interested in would need new models and methods of teaching. A potential re-invention of our education system.

To change our current models and get the collective buy in of all stakeholders is not a revolutionary task. It is rather a sophisticated transformation, as if one would change the engines of a flying plane. It needs high precision, buy-in of the involved people, dedication, motivation and commitment. This talk is looking at various facades of this upcoming challenge and the related impact.

Jamshid Alamuti is an expert on innovation and leadership, and, above all, a transformation and people development expert. Jamshid is a independent leadership consultant, speaker and writer that defends the need of a balance between theory and practice. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Pi School, a project developed with Marco Trombetti, born in 2017.

IED ROMA NOW. Disruptive transformation of creative education
January 24th – 6.30 pm
IED Roma
Via Alcamo, 11 00182 Rome – Italy

The event will be held in English