IED Network

June 15, 2017


Istituto Europeo di Design is launching a scholarship competion in occasion of the next Feeric Fashion Week in Sibiu – Romania from July 17th until the 23rd.
The contest is open to all Romanian designers, professional or would-be, aged 18-99.
The winner will be awarded with a 100% scholarship to study in one of the Summer courses of Istituto Europeo di Design held in Italy.
If you wish to participate, here’s the brief:

Genius Loci – Spirit of the place is one the pillars on which Istituto Europeo di Design bases its educational methodology. Every place has its own history, a language, a set of skills and values that uniquely identifies its soul. Having an Italian heritage, Istituto Europeo di Design constantly celebrates its “Italianity” but, on the other hand, IED’s international students are always encouraged to lever on their own tradition and culture.
Those who wish to take part in the contest are requested to sketch a capsule collection which portrays their personal vision of “Italianity” (culture, tradition, soul, language, values, etc.) in combination with their own country heritage. 

Click here to download the full Regulation of the contest and fill the registration form hereunder to apply.
Deadline for submission: July 10th, 2017.