IED Network

March 25, 2020


More than two weeks after the switch to IED Smart School, Istituto Europeo di Design has provided 143 courses in distance-learning mode among its 7 Italian locations – including three-year, master and adult education courses – for a total of over 1200 disciplines delivered on average in one week of distance learning. 6703 students have attended the lectures remotely and 1098 lecturers are involved in the activities. These are normal figures that you would expect in the routine activity of a school, but when applied to remote learning bear witness to the great efforts made by IED in recent weeks.  

Starting this week, distance learning activity has also been integrated with online tests, which will cover the disciplinary fields in which oral tests are the standard in a first phase, and in the second phase will include those fields that originally planned written tests, which will be converted into oral tests. The tool used for online tests will be Google Meet also in this case. Two virtual classrooms were set up for the remote tests: one for posing questions to students and one reserved for the evaluation committee to discuss test outcomes. Basically, a remote oral test maintains the same characteristics as a face-to-face test, including the possibility for students to withdraw or refuse the grade.

In addition, as part of the planned Smart School activities, IED has finalised the editing of new IED Tips, video pills recorded in the laboratories illustrating processes, how to use equipment, providing suggestions for the creation of prototypes, with the aim of reducing the technical knowledge gap of students, who have no access to laboratory activities at present. IED Tips are also the basis of the future digital process library of IED, which will become an intangible asset of the school.