May 3, 2017

IED Special Lesson with Renato Camarillo Duque

The lecture Displaying Garments of Documental and Historic Value intends to create awareness of the procedures and challenges when displaying textiles and costumes with historic value. It would prove interesting to invite fashion creators to reflect on the importance of their work looking to the future, that is to say, their creations as part of the history of fashion and costume, which could become cultural heritage.

Renato Camarillo Duque is a conservator-restorer graduated from the National School of Conservation, Restoration and Museography of the National Institute for Anthropology and History. His professional experience has been focused on museums and textile conservation.

He has been part of many conservation, mounting and restoration projects in several museums and art and culture institutions in Mexico and abroad. He was responsible for the restoration of the Frida Kahlo dresses for the Frida Kahlo Museum, the conservation, mounting and handling of the Cristobal Balenciaga exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, and the conservation for the “Stanley Kubrick” and The Dresses of Dolores Del Río exhibitions at the National Film Archive.



Date: THURSDAY, MAY 4TH 2017 | 6:15 pm

Venue: IED ROME | Via Giovanni Branca, 122 – Aula Magna

Free Entrance