IED Network

April 6, 2018


A special team of IED Alumni and students created the institutional video of Inter Academy.

Directed by Andrea Gallo , IED Alumni and Sugodesign Founder with Stefano Polli, the video was written and produced in one year of work. It went from the INTER summer camp in Brunico, Italy, to the beach of IED Rio de Janeiro that collaborated on the project, up to the San Siro stadium of Milan, that opened only for IED with Javier Zanetti, protagonist of this special story.

“First men, then champions“: this is the axiom on which the skills of the young footballers of the Inter Academy are forged and that is the direct emanations of the history and philosophy of FC Internazionale.

A training culture that met IED’s project culture and its continuous commitment in making its talents grow and improve.