IED Network

May 12, 2022


Through educational projects and institutional actions, IED has always made its know-how available to raise awareness in its community to not only environmental but also social and economic sustainability, in line with its commitment to the third Mission which gives institutions a role as well as training and scientific research, also as a diffuser of culture, a promoter of social growth and cultural orientation of the territory.

A commitment that passes through multiple actions including the launch of the GREEN YOUR FUTURE AWARD contest which awarded 25 young students from high schools who have showed a particular sensitivity towards the three pillars of sustainability, such sensitivity as to be able to engage other students with actions and ideas to accompany them in a gradual change of habits towards a more sustainable system.

In recent months, the team has created the First Sustainability Manifesto designed by students for students, a summary document which illustrates 10 principles, values to be followed and objectives to be achieved in their training and future career paths.
The first important step to communicate to the IED community the importance of the theme for the younger generation of designers.

The Ambassadors with this document declare: “We want to stir the conscience of every Designer and sound an alarm bell by proposing to each of us a reflection. The Manifesto invites us to adopt sustainable behaviors both from an environmental and a social point of view. Being “Green” in fact means not only safeguarding the environment but also being respectful towards others.
An important milestone in creating awareness and involving the entire community born at the school desks of future designers, which make us look to tomorrow with greater hope.