October 8, 2020

IED talents at Milano Moda Graduate: special award to Alessandro Rupilli

Cristian Rocco Rizzo and Mexican designer Neithan Herbert Ruiz Pillajo also showcased their creations

The Milan Fashion Week featuring the best new graduates from Italian fashion schools marked yet another success for IED talents. At Milano Moda Graduate – an event promoted by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana – the main partner Ykk Italia recognised the work of IED fashion designer Alessandro Rupilli with a special award: a one-year supply of their fastening products, in addition to the supply awarded to the Ykk prize winner, Lucia Grande.

Alessandro Rupilli – one of 11 students from Italian fashion schools who were asked to create a special outfit focused on fastening accessories – stood out with a garment from the graduate collection Dynamicsynt Gear™,  a workshop of ideas that tap into Italian tradition with an eye to the future. In Rupilli’s work, the act of choosing materials, cutting them, assembling them is a process that can be repeated endlessly and makes up the essence of continuous experimentation, for a collection of garments that are both handcrafted and projected into the digital world.
Also from IED, Neithan Herbert Ruiz Pillajo presented his collection named Ñuka Shunku – “my heart” in Quechua language – at Milano Moda Graduate. On a journey between Ecuador and Mexico, the Latin designer deconstructs traditional silhouettes and reassembles them into new shapes embellished with manipulations that enhance the cultural references of the two countries. Cristian Rocco Rizzo also contended for the Ykk award with Biomorphic Disease (a collection that subverts the human structure to let nature speak through a being that is brought back to full harmony with the surrounding environment).

*Picture shows a creation by Neithan Herbert Ruiz Pillajo