June 16, 2021

La Città Insegna

From Gazometro to Piazza del Popolo, via Coppedè, Cinecittà and the Colosseum: the cycle of open-air lectures offered by IED Roma ended on May 31st 2021.

What can we learn from our city?

At this time when there is a particular need for sharing and community, IED Roma proposed its students La Città Insegna, a cycle of open-air lessons reserved to the students of the first years – Undergraduate courses – and of the Master School to see each other in safety outside the classroom – physical or virtual – in order to share their experiences.

The first edition of the initiative, staged in Rome in June 2020, was the result of the first lockdown and the urgent need to explore teaching outside the classroom, converting the limit into an opportunity for exploration. In 2021, more than a year after the start of the pandemic, the need to be outdoors has become a conscious choice to learn a new form of relationship from the city.

The lessons began on 24th of May with a fashion “street-soul” shoot at the Gazometro and ended on 31st of May in Piazza del Popolo in front of the stage set up by Filmmaster Events for EURO 2021. On this occasion, Communication Design students deepened their knowledge with Alfredo Accatino, Chief Creative Officer of Filmmaster Events, on the evolution of major events from antiquity to the present day. There are many locations where IED students shared this experience: Coppedè for the Interior for Interior Designers, Cinecittà Studios for Visual Arts creatives, the geometry of the Colosseum, the Arch of Constantine and Arch of Giano as a source of inspiration for the students of the Master in Jewelry Design.

Watch this video to find out more about La Città Insegna!