IED Network

April 12, 2020

Coronavirus Phase 2- schedule for the gradual reopening of IED locations in Italy

As Italy enters Phase 2 of the Covid-19 emergency, outlined below is the schedule for the gradual reopening of IED locations in Italy.

All teaching activities will continue in the distance-learning mode as per Ministry instructions.

Italian locations will gradually resume operations starting on 18 May, as certain services will be reinstated in order to prepare the premises for when the public and students will be allowed to physically access them. Some basic services will be operational, in particular those offered by the Administration Secretary’s Office and Reception Desk.

As of 25 May, certain areas and laboratories in our various locations will be reopened and groups of students will be permitted to access them. Attendance intervals and access procedures will be agreed with the students, in full compliance with all applicable safety rules.

Throughout this transition phase, observance of the safety procedures mandated by the Government will be guaranteed. This includes: measuring the body temperature of all individuals who need to enter the premises, an obligation to sanitise one’s hands and shoe soles using the sanitiser gel dispensers placed in the premises, the provision of disposable masks and gloves for all employees on duty and any visitors who do not have them, Plexiglass dividers for any functions that involve contact with the public.