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April 17, 2018

RECRUITMENT TRENDS – The “vintage way” of recruitment in luxury & fashion, through head hunting and qualified network.

The "vintage way" of recruitment in luxury & fashion, through head hunting and qualified network.

What is the difference between working as Head Hunter and being an Head Hunter?
Well the process behind the job itself is the same, but the true passion for people and the curiosity for exploring new business models is what makes it truly different.
These are the drivers who have animated me throughout my whole career in Human Resources: 20 + years both in-house as HR business partner in Prada (my true school in luxury and creativity), Whirlpool and Lindt & Sprungli and then as Head Hunter at international level in Honk Kong and Milan with a focus in all the fields and job positions with a flavour of creativity behind: design, luxury, fashion and beauty.

Within the wide field of Recruitment, I have chosen to practise Head Hunting.
Today I would like to disclose you the backstage of my work. Head Hunting means that we hunt people who are currently and happily – in most of the cases – employed. We find them wherever they are – geographically wise – based on a strategy shared with the Client, we identify their contacts and call them.

When we catch their attention, we sell the new position, our Client’s history and culture, the potential growth inside the future Company. The first call is a “cold call”, so it comes out of the blue and can change life, personally and professionaly. Do not forget that changing a job, especially nowadays, can have a strong social and economic impact. Reason why we have to manage this activity carefully and with a strong ethic.
Second step we evaluate candidate’s attitude, competence and motivation facing the new role and when we find the good match we introduce him/her to the Client accompanied by a detailed profile.

If the meeting with the Client is positive, we proceed supporting both candidate and company through package negotiation and offer drafting until the first working day of his/her new job and afterwards until the succeeding of the probation period. If the meeting with the Client ends up by not being positive we manage to provide the candidate with a detailed feedback and we start back the hunting from the beginning.
The whole process implies a great deal of emotional intelligence, patience, reliability and superb relational skills, in order to build solid networks both with Clients and Candidates.

Why we do this and why a Company is ready to pay a Head Hunter a percentage of the salary of the future candidate for a search.
The answer is because PEOPLE, on top of technologies and processes, are the ones making the real difference into an organization:

  • having a good team, having good people around you is what makes the difference;
  • Work with top people with great attitude: agile, creative, flexible, adaptable, passionate, humble and committed to the same goal;
  • Changing every what question into a who question;
  • Become an expert in something;

Life, business especially the one related with creativity is not predictable. People cannot predict things, but people can react to things positively. People with problem solving and innovative attitude can. If organizations and Companies are hiring the right people with the right attitude, they can easily face the reaction to unpredictable and become successful and profitable.
The foundation is always People. Being a good Head Hunter means passion for people for understanding them as individuals before than professionals. I have been collaborating with IED for 4 years trying to give students all these insights.


Written by: Silvia Casaluci International Head Hunter & HR Advisor