July 3, 2014

Sanna Linnea Eriksson wins the Swiss Cross Textile Award 2014

The IED Moda Milan student won the Swiss Cross Textile Award 2014 for her project Serendipity, awarded on 24 June at the Centro Svizzero in Via Palestro.

Milano Moda Uomo 2014 concluded yesterday: among the final events in the calendar was the “Swiss Cross Textile Award”, a prize awarded to the outfit which best celebrates Swiss excellence in manufacturing textiles represented by the Swiss Textile Association and the “Graduate Fashion Show 2014”, a show of the thesis projects by the best students at IED Moda Milan.

 “The collection is inspired by my feelings for nature. The shape and texture of the garments is a paraphrase of my feelings for the Swedish countryside where I grew up”, is how the winner describes the concept of Serendipity, a collection characterized by soft, comfortable clothes, made from light, fresh fabrics, and the combination of technical compound materials.

The Swiss Cross Textile Prize was awarded to Sanna Linnea Eriksson by a prestigious panel of judges led by Cav. Lav. Mario Boselli – President of the  Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana flanked by Sara Azzone – Head of IED Moda Milan, Davide Dallomo – President of Lagente, Alessandro Enriquez – Fashion Editor, Rino Fasol – Head of STA in Lugano, Simonetta Gianfelici – Fashion Consultant & Talent Scout, Riccardo Grassi – Founder of the Riccardo Grassi Showroom, Laura Lusuardi – Fashion Coordinator Max Mara Group, Sara Maino – Senior Fashion Editor Vogue Italia and Vogue Talent, Giorgio Martelli – Vice Director of the publishing group  L’Espresso, Vittorio Oleotti – CEO of “La mia camicia”, Jeroen van Rooijen – Representative for Swiss Textiles and Silvio Tarchini – President of Tarchini Foxtown SA.