September 3, 2020

Shop Small: American Express relies on IED Alumni creativity

The “Open” sign creatively conveys positive stimuli and Italian spirit, and helps to encourage a return to buying, especially in small shops. This is the intention pursued with Shop Small, a global initiative with which American Express aiming to support and relaunch the recovery of consumption strongly affected by Covid-19 emergency (as confirmed by the trends of the specially commissioned Nielsen Media Italia survey) and which involved IED Milano with a team of its Alumni. 

The initiative of American Express not only recognises a €5 discount on an expense of at least €20 in the small shops included, but also travels on an engaging and emotional channel, on which IED has intervened as a creative school: the global leader in payment solutions and services focused on 5 young designers from different training courses to create original and unique signs that reinterpret the sign “We are Open” and “Open”. The result is new creations, created by each designer on the basis of their own stylistic line, and in the light of their personal experience of the so-called lockdown period, desires, suggestions and expectations. So a sign that was taken for granted before February 2020 now acquires new value and meaning as a symbol of business reopening and restarting, as well as an invitation to consumers to enter the store and be welcomed with enthusiasm.

The creative contribution of IED Alumni, therefore, tells a new story full of values, positive stimuli and Italian spirit within the signs that American Express makes available to all shops in Italy on the Shop Small website so that they can download them and put them on the shop window of their stores.

The 5 authors of the creations selected by American Express for the Shop Small project are Alessandra Carta and Alessandro Nitti (both Graphic Designers coming from the IED Milan Master’s Degree course), Luca Elli and Alessandro Moretti (Illustrators) and Matteo Stucchi (graduated from the Master’s Degree course in Creative Direction).