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September 17, 2020

Socialovereating: the unbearable weight of being

Socialovereating, the consumerism of the third millennium. A bulimic approach to nourishment in its symbolic, virtual, spiritual, and experiential dimensions and their interlinks with aspects such as identity, barriers, quality, sharing, time and space devoted to consumption.

The Global Goals Jam is an opportunity to ground the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the jammers’ local contexts through a multitude of design questions. “Falling in love” with the challenges is the first step towards designing creative solutions that respond effectively to the world’s needs.

Why is our society so demanding and competitive, loaded with far too many performance-based expectations, that adolescents and young people growingly feel that they must rely on substances to be good enough?

Why are women still required to do and be MORE than men, stressfully adding competences and aptitudes, in an eternal rush to build an identity that others will deem up to the task?

To what extent has an anthropocentric approach of design contributed to weighing down the Planet and how can we change this perspective by placing the Planet centre stage?

These are just some of the questions that the Jammers in Milan and Rome are tackling while learning how to actively engage in the achievement of a sustainable world – building on the shared knowledge and experiences of other jam teams from over 40 cities in the world.

While waiting with interest and anticipation for the solutions that the jammers will create, we are all called upon to “fall in love” with the problems and do all that we can do for the SDGs.

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