May 11, 2017

Take part in the I Foro de Inversores RIC 1st Investors Forum of the Creative Industries Network

Investment is key to launch innovative ideas and to drive creative companies. Because of this, the Red de Industrias Creativas, a project promoted by the Fundación Santillana and the IED Madrid, is launching the I Foro de Inversores RIC, a meeting point for entrepreneurs, businessmen and investments who are interested in the creative industries sector.

The I Foro de Inversores RIC offers a range of characteristics with a common thread: facilitating connections between entrepreneurs, businessmen and investors to promote and invest in creative industries. This is an opportunity for investors, businessmen and entrepreneurs to meet in a specialised environment, generating an ecosystem surrounded by shared interests and criteria, to continue promoting and investing in businesses in the sector.


Between the 5th of April and the 1st of June. Call to submit projects from creative industries and, in the same way, to receive projects from potential investors.

· 8th of June. Training for participating investors in the Foro de Inversores RIC.

· 22nd of June. Preparatory training for entrepreneurs and companies taking part in the Foro de Inversores RIC.

· 29th of June. Celebration of the Foro de Inversores RIC.
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