IED Network

November 6, 2020

The winner of FVAR – Fashion Visual Art

FVAR – Fashion Visual Art Residence, as a part of IYDC, was held online this year, challenging its participants to do the complete photoshoot of a fashion story online, when the team members of working international groups were physically located miles away from each other.

Giovanni Ottonello, Curator of FVAR and IED Art Director, announced the winner.

Maria Pravosud, young Ukrainian photographer, who worked in a team with Una Berzina (Latvia) and Kateryna Hella (Ukraine) was awarded with an IED Summer Course taking place in July 2021

Concept of the collections contains history studies which the photographer wanted to use in the photoshoot as a base to look to the unknown future. There are many ideas behind – with layers, symbolising history and experience, different roles in our lives we have to play and perception of how we see ourselves from the past to the future.

The photographer is the one who is fixing the exact moment what is happening “now”.

“We have seen Fashion Week all over the world. We have seen how some brands proposed the same communications instead of something truly new. Together we must propose innovative solutions. Here at IED we are always looking for talents and doing our best to support them. This is our goal”, said Giovanni Ottonello to the participants of the contest.