January 7, 2018


On Walking Away is the title that the seven young curators of the IED Venezia Master course in Curatorial Practice have chosen for their final exhibition, showcasing the works of Luiza Baldan, Manuel Cilli, Benedetta  Fioravanti, Turki Gazzaz, Yves Leblanc, Mohsen Meysami and Mehdi Meysami, Valentina Rosa, Nikita Sacha and Suryan & Dang.

Hosted by Spiazzi cultural space (Castello, 3865) until January 6th 2019, the exhibition have explored the topic of “distance” through different lenses. The project has aimed at peeling off the notion of detachment while revealing its sociological manifestations, whether they reflect on the human response to space and time or the promised utopia of technology, yet to shorten the gap between visitors and artwork in the way they perceive it.

By visiting On Walking Away, the more than 300 viewers have investigated the concepts of absence and presence, proximity and remoteness, as Nilo Amlashi, Fernanda Andrade, Zahra Bundakji, Yasmine Helou, Virginia Lupo, Sanjana Pillai and Lucia Trevisan have experienced over their one year-long programme and now consolidated through the selection of works on display.