January 28, 2021 – Belonging is Here – Belonging is Here is the title of the exhibition curated by Elise Anne Beuke, Giacomo Gandola, Ester Kneidlova, Marloes Lagerweij, Clémence Pons, Irina Samsonova, and Yunqi Yu, graduating at Curatorial Practice Master promoted by IED Venezia.

Gathered under the evocative name of Metaxy Curatorial Kollectiv, the curatorial team have explored the meaning of the word “Home”, understanding the theme as a physical space, a feeling, a broader sense of belonging, a non-spatial place that can be sought within oneself or in one’s own body. Following this suggestion, they have identified artworks and artists able to create a dialogue between space and people, having as principal desire to stimulate greater awareness, understanding and empathy towards the theme addressed. Presenting pieces by Martina Civardi, Luna Sue, S. Lantz, Marco La Rosa, Francesca Leonardi, Peng Shuai Paolo and from the World Childhood Museum (Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina) they seek to stimulate the viewers to reflect on the sense of care and protection that the theme naturally brings with it.

Developed with a double dimensionality – physical as well as virtual -, the exhibition has been set up from February 4th to February 12th thanks to the availability and collaboration of Venice Art Factory at SPARC * Spazio Arte Contemporanea, in Venice, but not open to the public due to the COVID restrictions. Nevertheless, visitors will be able to experience the full exhibition in 3D and access additional information and public events at website, while all the information concerning the workshops promoted in the following weeks will be promoted through (Instagram) and @IEDvenezia (Facebook and Instagram).