Graphic Design, pathway in Media Design



Start date

September 2024




On campus


4 Years


240 ECTS

As a Media Designer you’ll develop your passion for digital design and technology, exploring your creative side to improve user experience, knowing that you are a professional in high demand.

A world of knowledge at your fingertips! Studying Media Design will make your digital projects a concrete reality You’ll acquire in-depth knowledge of graphic design and communication methodologies, creating unique proposals in complete autonomy, and in your own personal style. 

In this program you’ll acquire and improve the skills you’ll use in programming, for User Experience (UX), to create a User Interface (UI) or generative graphics, as well as the resources you need to design websites, applications and digital platforms.

During the 4-year program you’ll learn the ins and outs of a variety of media and programming languages and learn how to use various technologies such as VR and AR in visual communication and to create interactive products. The course is based on a learning-by-doing methodology and culminates with the presentation of your final project collaborating with real companies.

There are 60 places available for first-year students majoring in Graphic Design. Of these places, there is no specific number assigned by pathway or language.

Information to decide

In this program you’ll learn to combine design and technology in multidisciplinary teams that will work on real projects with international brands in a multicultural and highly creative environment. 

You’ll start the program as a user, and finish it as a digital designer who can skilfully analyse the client's behaviour and expectations to create a proposition of value. 

You’ll learn to understand your target, proposing strategic, visual solutions to design functional websites, applications and digital platforms.

The syllabus is based on case studies, and sets different learning goals, the difficulty of which increases as you acquire more in-depth knowledge. 

This program is for people interested in the field of technology who want to develop their creative side, combining a rational approach with human interaction. 

If you want to design complex synergies, creating unique digital spaces, with this program you can take a decisive step in your Media Design career.  

IED lecturers have extensive experience in the sector and are eager to pass this on as you too gain experience designing your own digital environments. 

You’ll be studying at a school that’s paving the way in creative design, focused on innovation as it continuously evolves and qualities top companies look for when selecting new people. 

Today more than ever, professional media designers who know how to work in a digital environment are in high demand. 

What’s more, at IED you’ll gain invaluable experience working with international brands as part of creative, multidisciplinary teams. 


What will you learn?

In the first year you’ll acquire the basic concepts of design, design culture and project methodology. Using basic design tools you’ll be actively encouraged to try new things, to create and communicate with your work, seeing every new challenge as an opportunity. 

First Semester

Foundation Project 
Foundation Project I 
Representation Techniques I 
Project Communication I 
An Introduction to Marketing
Science Applied to Design 
Colour and Form

Second Semester

Foundation Project II 
Representation Techniques II 
Project Communication II 
Technical Drawing I 

Year subject:

The History of Art and Design

What will you learn?

In the second year you’ll focus on web platforms, studying the relevant technological and design tools required. The syllabus includes classes on programming, interaction and digital communication. You’ll also discover the ins and outs of visual languages and digital art, as well as production methodology, designing aesthetic and visual works. 

First Semester

Informatics Graphic Design I
Photography for Graphic Design 
The History of Graphic Design 
Typography I
Graphic Techniques for Graphic Design 
Animation Techniques for Graphic Design 
Workshop I

Second Semester

Audiovisual Graphic Design 
Digital Communication I
Programming I 
Digital Communication II
Digital Communication III
Interdisciplinary Project

What will you learn?

In the third year you’ll focus on applications and web apps (wapps). You’ll gain experience working with real companies and on technical projects using prototypes and calculating actual costs. As you work on multimedia strategy designs and digital platforms, you’ll also be considering how communication and the audiovisual world have changed and the impact of the same over the last few centuries. 

First Semester

Strategy & Management for Graphic Design 
Workshop II
Corporate Identity Project 
Post-production II
Project Communication for Graphic Design 
Social Media Strategy

Second Semester

Sound I
Project I
Editorial Project and Interactive Communication 
Contemporary Communication 
Packaging Project
Multidisciplinary Workshop I

What will you learn?

You’ll begin your work experience with a real company and choose your professional specialisation. In the 4th year we’ll also take a look at interactive installations and extended reality (AR, VR and MR). You’ll develop a visual installation and learn how to use specialised software. The course concludes with the preparation of your Final Project. 

First Semester

Post-production III 
Workshop III 
Programming II 
Project II 
Professional Internship 
Multidisciplinary Workshop II 

Second Semester

Final Project