Título de Grado en Enseñanzas Artísticas Superiores de Diseño, especialidad en Diseño de Interiores. Barcelona. | © Proyecto: CEAG. Estudiante: Adrià Vilar.



Start date

September 2024


Full time


On campus


4 Years


240 ECTS

Course Coordination

Ignasi Bonjoch

Conceive, experiment, create the spaces you imagine. In this program you’ll discover how to turn your ideas and your client's ideas into projects that are as exciting as they are challenging.

In this 4-year program you’ll learn how to start from scratch to create comfortable, sustainable living, work and leisure spaces, giving free rein to your passion.

You’ll acquire detailed professional know-how and experience in interior design: understanding the role played by light, materials and sustainability in a program focused on user experience. 

Work experience during the program lets you assimilate your new knowledge by putting theory into practice and so adding real job experience to your curriculum.

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You’ll acquire an understanding of holistic interior design and implement your knowledge in a multitude of different spaces: indoor, outdoor, ephemeral, permanent, and more.

As a professional interior designer you’ll learn to observe trends and how styles evolve, and also how to comprehend and interpret your client’s demands and expectations.

In this progressive learning experience you’ll acquire the skills, know-how and tools you need to express your ideas with a solid foundation in design culture. 

You’ll have several opportunities to apply the knowledge acquired to practice, especially in the third and fourth years of the program, by doing compulsory work experience for real companies.

This program is particularly designed for people with a keen interest in creating comfortable and sustainable environments, improving the user's interaction with their living, leisure or work space.

You’ll also find answers to any questions you might have on lighting, comfort and well-being.

An interior designer is the missing link between a user's dreams and their surroundings, the person who can create a living space they’ll enjoy, one that offers the highest levels of comfort and well-being.

This IED program gives you a comprehensive understanding of interior design from a more holistic perspective, with particular emphasis on spatial elements, such as lighting, the use of materials, the concept of comfort, respect for the environment and the importance of sustainability.

As a unique value, your syllabus includes subjects on designing a range of very different spaces, significantly increasing the fields you can work in. 

To acquire a broader perspective of the design world, you’ll share subjects with students specialising in other fields such as Transportation Design, designing the interiors of ships, airplanes and trams, etc. and study the Ephemeral Project or Urban Materials with Product Design students. 

Work experience with companies in the interior design sector guarantees you’ll finish the program with the necessary professional experience. 


What will you learn?

In the first year you’ll focus on the basics of interior design, culture and project methodology, learning to create and communicate in the most effective way.

First Semester

Design Fundamentals I 
Representation Techniques I 
Project Communication I 
An introduction to Marketing
Science Applied to Design
Form and Colour

Second Semester

Design Fundamentals II 
Representation Techniques II 
Project Communication II 
Technical Drawing I 
Volume I

Year Subject

The History of Art and Design

What will you learn?

In the second year you’ll develop your creative skills as a unique individual talent, deepening your knowledge of project culture and the tools used in interior design: construction plans, installations, scale models, photography, verbal communication, Autocad, Rhino, Illustrator and Photoshop.

First Semester

Multidisciplinary Workshop
Interior Design Technology I
Interior Design Representation Techniques I
Interior Design Technical Drawing I
The History of Interior Design 
Volume in Interior Design I
Home Project

Second Semester

Interdisciplinary Project
Interior Design Computing
Personal Development Project
Interior Design Computing II
Workspace Project
Interior Design Project Communication

What will you learn?

In the third year you’ll begin to gain experience with companies in the sector, also on technical and complete projects, as well as technical construction projects, installations, in lighting technology, VRED, site management and costs. You’ll work in interdisciplinary teams with students from other courses, and study new materials with a focus on sustainability.

First Semester

Interior Design Technology II
Lighting Project 
Ergonomics Project - Furniture
Technical Interior Design Project 
Site Management 
Home Refurbishing Project 
CAD Workshop I

Second Semester

Multidisciplinary Workshop II
Interior Design Project Communication II
Urban Materials’ Project

Commercial Space Project

Interior Design Workshop I

What will you learn?

In the fourth year you’ll put what you’ve learnt into practice in the form of mandatory work experience to define your own professional profile. You’ll prepare your final project working with real companies, collaborating in the development of models and tests. If approved, your ideas will go into production to be launched on the market. 

First Semester

Professional Work Experience 
Design Management Project 
Transportation Interiors’ Project 
Ephemeral Project 
Interior Design Project Communication III 
Interior Design Workshop II
Multidisciplinary Workshop III

Second Semester

Final Project


Raffaella Perrone


Ignasi Bonjoch

Course Coordinator

Laura Choya


Paula Curras


Ignasi Pérez