Fashion Technology and Wearables



Start date

October 2023




On campus


11 Months



This course sets up an experimental research environment to provide students with the critical and innovative approach needed within the fashion industry that is emerging.

The Master in Design for Sustainable Fashion Technology encourages self development and reflection supported by innovative teaching design methodologies. New perspectives to smart and advanced materials, digital fabrication, bio-textiles and circular design will be explored by means of practice-based research.

The program recognizes the need for a more ethical approach to fashion, one that carefully considers the human and environmental dimension of the industry, its materiality and its power to create dynamic identities and expressive forms of the human body.

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– Develop an innovative and dynamic learning environment that encourages critical, ethical and aesthetic responses.

–  Provide discussion on the current socio-cultural and economic fashion context to anticipate future needs.

– Explore the fashion design practice – from materials to digital fabrication processes – from a learning through doing approach.

– Assist students on the development of their identity and personal ethos within the fashion ecosystem.

– Enhance the communicative and presentation skills of the students.

– Provide students with a strategic business-oriented vision.

The course is a multidisciplinary accelerator of ideas and creativity. During the program, students attend several modules focused on computational design, digital fabrication, advanced interaction, market and dissemination, all organized around the development of one individual research topic. 

Students develop one research project aligned to a series of challenges and needs proposed by Industrial partners, Research Institutions and wearables experts. Throughout this journey, students are mentored by cutting edge professionals, leveraging their creative and technical skills, forwards new applications and market opportunities.

Any level of graduates in Fashion Design, Product Design or Architecture interested in exploring new aesthetics, materiality and digital fabrication processes in the field of fashion.

Candidates must present their CV and academic and/or professional portfolio.

 Professional Opportunities

– Fashion designer

– Fashion innovation consultant

– Fashion researcher

– Entrepreneur

The program collaborates with NOUMENA as a partner that will select two students with the best profiles to carry out the internship.

The two selected students must comply with all legal requirements regarding administrative procedures, travel, belonging to UE, visa, etc. 


Aldo Sollazzo


Anna Correa