Diseño y Gestión de Eventos



Start date

October 2023






6 Months



The Postgraduate in Event Design and Management confers students with specific know‑how and tools to organise events with real communicative value.

Events are an opportunity to send a message and build a stronger connection between a brand and its audience. Both on a small and large scale, event organisation is one of the most keenly developed marketing and communication strategies for companies and agencies owing to its adaptability and room for innovation in transmitting concepts, launching products and deploying corporate actions.

The Postgraduate in Event Design and Management requires students to apply their theoretical foundations to develop a real case study in groups, as well as delivering a final project presentation in front of a jury of experts comprising teachers and clients. 

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The course presents the key factors that define an event as a communication channel and is designed to impart the different points to be taken into account when organising an event, as part of a strategic communication plan. It analyses the new event formats that are the response to the concept of presentation in a specific place at a specific time and ends with the production of a complete, practical document organising one event, applying the methodology learned to a case study.

The curriculum starts with an introduction to the cultural and social factors behind events. It continues with a practical section, the briefing on the case study, which takes place in class, in groups, to provide the students with specific knowledge of the profession.

Throughout the entire process, two key methodologies are used: ROLE-PLAY (from the start of the course the students become an agency and must work as one during the project) and COOPERATIVE LEARNING (during the first half of the course, with coordination, the students provide content for the course to their colleagues).

At the end of the course, the student-agency presents the project to the teaching staff-client.

Graduates or post-2nd year students of marketing, communication, PR and production or professionals from the marketing or communication sector with proven experience. A basic knowledge of communications, marketing, finance, advertising or creative disciplines are valued.

It will be necessary to submit a CV and a covering letter with applications. Should any of the prerequisites for admission not be met, the school will evaluate each case individually, and reserves the right to call in the applicant for a personal interview.

Professional Opportunities

– Event Organisation

– Communications agency assistant

– Event production assistant

– Assistant art director for events

– Creative artist for events (with prior training in the creative arts or one of its disciplines)

– Account executive for a communication agency (if the course is a complement to Communication and Marketing studies)

– PR and communication department staffer in a Communication Agency (if the course is a complement to Communication and Protocol studies)

– Incentive, tourism and cultural management action production

Companies that have collaborated with the course:

Barcelona Centre de Disseny (BCD) and Barcelona Design Week (BDW). 


Cesc Grau


Helena Rosselló

Course Coordinator