Start date

September 2024


Full time


On campus


4 Years


240 ECTS

Learn traditional and digital techniques, develop projects with companies in the sector and create a professional portfolio with your personal signature

The Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design offers you contemporary, creative and practical training in all the necessary techniques and tools to develop any visual communication project, from the ideation phase to its materialization. 

In the second year, you will choose your specialization between Branding and Advertising or Digital and Virtual, delving deeper into your area of interest with the constant support of a teaching team of active professionals. 

In a context where technological evolution is transforming the way we communicate, this program challenges the traditional limits of the discipline and explores a wide variety of languages and formats. Beyond the technical dimension of learning, it also prepares you in management skills and soft skills, highly demanded by the labour market.  

Your learning will combine work in the classroom with Visual Labs, open and dynamic workshops where you will test your knowledge and creative capacity, emulating professional practice in a real studio. In addition, you will carry out many of the projects based on briefs from national and international companies

By promoting your autonomy and uniqueness, you will acquire a very complete and versatile profile, which will materialize in your portfolio. This will be a great resource when entering the labour market, since it will not only include your projects, but also your evolution and your identity as a professional in the discipline.

Information to decide

 A complete and versatile degree, combining technical knowledge with management skills and soft skills to qualify for a wide variety of roles in the sector. 

The methodology, highly practical, is based on challenges, those typical of the curriculum and special projects. You will have classrooms and laboratories where you can learn from traditional printing, typography or illustration techniques to the development of interactive environments or multi-platform applications with artificial intelligence tools. 

Transversality, experimentation and direct contact with companies are distinctive aspects of this degree, where learning is continuous and gradually grows in complexity. 

You will begin your journey by acquiring basic knowledge and tools about design, then continue addressing different visual languages or research and experimentation processes, and in the end you will shape your own style, materialized in your portfolio and Final Project. 

From the second academic year, you will be able to choose between two training tracks, Branding and Advertising or Digital and Virtual, both of which cover professional areas that are highly demanded nowadays. 

Creative people who wish to work professionally in one of the fundamental areas of visual communication, with application possibilities in a wide variety of fields and formats.  

Over the years, the development of the Visual Arts area has allowed us to build many collaborations with cultural agents and institutions at different scales, which will allow you to be in direct and permanent contact with the reality of the sector. 

You will be able to participate in calls and design contests with your projects and to gain work experience in companies and build an attractive CV.

You will have at your disposal the Visual Labs, open workshops with all the infrastructure and tools you need to develop a complete project, from start to finish.

In addition to all the technical knowledge, you will acquire a set of fundamental skills to face any future job: problem solving, teamwork, systemic thinking, leadership, strategic vision, communication, and creativity.

All of this at IED Madrid, a design education centre of great national and international renown, and part of a network with centres in three countries. 

Upon completion of your studies, you will leave with a portfolio that reflects your professional identity and your specific interests within graphic design. 

You will be able to apply for a wide variety of job positions, including: 

  • Graphic design, art direction or creative direction in advertising agencies, design and branding studios

  • Creative direction for video game design

  • Visual thinking in strategic design consulting firms

  • Leadership of design strategy in institutions related to arts and culture

  • Leadership of editorial, audiovisual and transmedia projects or in specific departments for SMEs and companies

  • Storyboard in audiovisual projects 


What will you learn?

You will explore, discover and acquire the basic knowledge, concepts and tools of design.




Sketching. Representation


Digital Technology

Representation system

Sketching. Communication



Art history and theory


Scientific fundamentals of design



Digital Graphics Technology

Communication and image theory

What will you learn?

You will consolidate the skills, concepts and basic tools of graphic design (print and digital media) and you will delve into different visual languages. 

Editorial design

Photography and Audiovisual Design

Fundamentals of printing and stamping

Fundamentals of audiovisual design

Interactive graphics. Editing

Interactive graphics. Usability

Fundamentals of programming *(For the Digital and Virtual specialization)

Brand Identity

Sound design and interaction

Graphic design projects. Development



Graphic design projects

Sound design and interaction

Expression and communication techniques

Print Typography

Digital Typography

Art history and theory

Semiotics and Sociology of Communication *(For the Branding and Advertising specialization)


What will you learn?

You will delve into visual languages, both static and in movement, through research, practice and hybridization. 

Digital design

Photographic expression

Creative programming and computer art

Animation techniques

Audiovisual technology

Audiovisual design projects

Digital publishing

Programming *(For the Digital and Virtual specialization)

Videomapping *(For the Digital and Virtual specialization)

Writing and Image

Technical English for graphic design

Graphic design projects. Implementation

Interdisciplinary graphic design projects

Data visualisation

History of graphic design


Business organisation

Brand Strategy and Experience *(For the Branding and Advertising specialization)

Art direction. Editorial and audiovisual *(For the Branding and Advertising specialization)

What will you learn?

With the focus on specialization and professionalization, you will work on the search and construction of your own discourse and visual language. 

Designing in free environments


Design theory and culture

New media and mass media *(For the Branding and Advertising specialization)

Production for graphic arts 

Web optimisation *(For the Digital and Virtual specialization)

Advanced programming *(For the Digital and Virtual specialization)

Internet of Things *(For the Digital and Virtual specialization)

Digital product strategy *(For the Digital and Virtual specialization)

Graphics, space and branding *(For the Branding and Advertising specialization)


Experimental graphic design projects

Innovation and Branding *(For the Branding and Advertising specialization)

Strategic campaign planning *(For the Branding and Advertising specialization)

Digital communication and visual identity *(For the Branding and Advertising specialization)

Strategic packaging *(For the Branding and Advertising specialization)

Art direction. Events and experiences *(For the Branding and Advertising specialization)

Market strategies and social networks *(For the Branding and Advertising specialization)

Final Project

Curricular work experience


Aitor Baigorri Ozcoidi


Diego Lara


Javier Escorihuela


Ángel Rodríguez

Graphic designer


Ana González de la Peña Albacete


Luis López Ramírez


Juan José López Espinosa


Antonio Bartolo Hernández


Clara Sancho


Sergio García Leza


Enrique González

Doctor of Philosophy


Lola Pérez



Paula Gil Ruiz


Jaime Narváez Rivero

Graphic Designer


What people say

From the beginning it was clear to me that I wanted to study graphic design, and every day I confirm that IED Madrid was the best decision.

“Having a team of professors who work in this professional field and who, apart from sharing their knowledge, offer the guidance of their experience in the professional field, providing and enriching the learning environment.”

Daniel Herrera

IED Madrid student