Start date

October 2024




On campus


9 Months


60 IED (600 Horas)

In this master's degree you’ll explore new ideas, find solutions for spatial problems, and create home environments that give the people using them the living conditions they need, using design as a tool for social change.

You’ll learn how to use essential design techniques, carry out research and acquire a new skillset to take an original idea and develop it into an interior design project with a unique creative touch.

Prototype your projects in multidisciplinary workshops as part of the IED community.

Information to decide

Work on complex interior design projects, in which the only limits are how far you want to take your own original ideas.

In the first term you’ll take an experimental and innovative approach to interior design, putting theory into practice. You’ll also get a grounding in the history of design.

Over the next three months, you’ll discover the infinite possibilities in each interior space, developing projects for different users. 

Last but not least, you’ll prepare your final project in the third term with three lines of research under the guidance of specialised tutors. You’ll focus on exploring one specific aspect of interior design, developing an innovative project as the final thesis for your master's degree.

This program is for people with a degree in art and design or graduates in similar areas, architects and interior designers who want to add a new dimension to their professional experience. 

If you’re constantly seeking stimuli, want to explore new, emerging ideas and propose effective problem-solving solutions for interior space and design, this is the program for you.

There’s been a radical change in interior design in recent years, and the spirit of this program is to see change as a driving force for out-of-the-box thinking that can meet the challenges of the future.

In this master’s degree you’ll work on complex interior design projects with a wide range of possibilities, in which the only limits are how far you want to take your own original ideas. Throughout the program you’ll be actively encouraged to develop innovative ideas and challenge existing conventions. 

You’ll define your own identity as an interior designer using self-reflection, research and understanding, managing time and resources in the most effective way, setting new goals in your professional development. 

By the time you finish your studies at IED you’ll have created a solid network of both friends and associates, and put your newfound skills and know-how to the test in a real work environment, presenting your final project as your master's thesis.