Fashion Business



Start date

September 2024


Full time


On campus


3 Years


180 IED (1440 Horas)

A program in which you’ll learn to use all your creative potential to take innovative decisions as a leader, whether developing your own project or as part of a management team.

This program gives you the preparation you need for a number of fashion business fields. The first year focuses on design management, while the second and third years delve into production and sales management and fashion communication. 
In a learning process that combines theoretical knowledge with case studies and the development of team projects, you’ll acquire the tools and skills you need to perform in these areas, using the new resources you’ve acquired to complete your Final Project. 

Information to decide

A creative, project-based program to specialise in business management for the fashion sector.

Students will learn about the economic, legal and organisational framework governing companies in the fashion industry, learning to analyse and manage a company with the needs of today and to apply the necessary digital tools (e-business, e-commerce, etc.).

This programme provides students with the creative capacity necessary to innovate in management and resources and to lead any business change.

Students will also work with a teaching team made up of leading professionals from the fashion industry, who pass on both theoretical and specific technical knowledge.

The balance between the creative and the business mentality enables students to influence companies’ supply chain and the product life-cycle with responsibility and sensitivity towards demand from consumers and from the market itself.

This program is designed for people interested in the world of fashion who want to focus their career on the management side of the fashion business. 

If you want to use your creative talent in fields such as corporate image, fashion marketing, or for your own project, this is the program for you. 

In this program you’ll acquire the know-how you need for a number of specialised roles in the fashion industry: development and production manager, product manager, marketing manager, brand creator, design manager, branding expert, fashion company organisation and management consultant.



Design Thinking

Fashion System

Culture of Art and Design

Digital Design Tools

Project Methodology for Fashion Design

Focus I

Fashion Design Techniques and Materials

Digital Management Tools

Human Resources Management

Business Models in Fashion

Technical English: Design

Focus II


Sustainability and Social Approach

Operations and Production Management

Fashion Production Techniques I

Sociology: Consumer and Trend

Purchasing Management

Focus III

Value Chain

Accounting and Financial Management

Fashion Production Techniques II

Associated Design Disciplines

Technical English: Management

Focus IV


Marketing and Branding

Fashion Communication

Point of Sale

The Luxury Market

Technical English: Finance and Communication

Focus V

Communication, Marketing and Digital Sales

Legal and Business Management

International Expansion and Emerging Markets

Final Project

Focus VI