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November 2024




On campus


10 Months

Course Coordination

Andrea Caperni

The time has come to grasp the future of communication and unveil the endless potential that lies ahead. Get started on this extraordinary journey and feel the power of AI in designing human-technology interactions

The synergy between User Interface Design and Generative Artificial Intelligence marks a ground-breaking turning point in the field of Design. If you feel you have the curiosity and ambition to embrace this field as your own, the Master Course in User Interface Design and AI will provide you with a comprehensive, cutting-edge training opportunity, where all the tools are available for you to create solutions that go beyond the limits of traditional digital interaction.

You will be right away plunged into a stimulating and supportive environment, with guidance from experienced lecturers who are professionals in the field. You will acquire basic User Interface Design skills, while also learning more about the application of Artificial Intelligence into the creative processes.

Through hands-on projects, workshops and case study analysis, you will have the opportunity to directly experience the use of these technologies when creating graphic content, both static and dynamic. You will also explore innovative scenarios involving Artificial Intelligence, paving the way for new potentials in the creation of cutting-edge works, products and services.

This is a Master Course that will develop you into a key player in change, providing new tools on how to design experiences beyond imagination

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A Master Course to boost your career and open up new opportunities in the digital experience

A well-rounded curriculum is offered as part of the Master Course in User Interface Design and AI. With advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning working together, interactivity has now reached a higher level.

There are four basic teaching methods available:

1. Classroom lessons, providing project design and communication skills

2. Workshop lessons, to delve into basic tools, software and key techniques

3. Screening, testimonials, pitches with leading professionals and participation in industry events

4. Three topic-based project works arranged in sequence, focusing on content and project creation and management.


The final dissertation will ultimately help ensure your ability to work independently in full.

The Master Course in User Interface Design and AI is designed for those who want to open up to new perspectives in digital experience, which will be explored through enhanced integration of Artificial Intelligence in user interfaces.

This Master Course is aimed at those holding a First Level Academic Diploma or a Bachelor's Degree in such areas as Visual Arts and Communication, Film and TV, Fine Arts, Graphics and Design, Digital Economy and New Media.

Candidates with at least two years of equivalent professional experience in the specific areas covered by the Course are also eligible. No skills in programming or specific software are required.

Do you want to enhance your curriculum with innovative and cutting-edge specialisms? The Master Course in User Interface Design and Artificial Intelligence is the way to start a career in this specific field.

Here are three very good reasons to apply:

Using Artificial Intelligence: this Master Course provides you with a key opportunity to understand how Artificial Intelligence integrated with UI opens the door to cutting-edge and unique user experiences

Practical and Application Focus: practical projects, workshops, and case studies are what will make the difference as they will allow you to gain direct experience and move from theory to practice on the ground
Preparing for the Future of Design: this Master Course will prepare you for a professional career in an ever-changing and fast-developing field

The main software you will need during your course is provided by IED!

On this page you will find all the features you need for your computer. 


This Master Course is divided into three advanced technical modules combining theory and practice across three different Project Works that will take you on your way from the brief launch to the submission of your work to the Customer. The same approach is also reflected in the final dissertation work.

First module

The first module covers Visual & Graphic Design to include all basic visual design software tools. It will conclude with a project work on a Transmedia Brand Campaign using AI in graphic product design.

Second module

The second module covers User Interface for Apps, Web & Games with prototyping and design of sites, applications and game apps that involve the use of AI.

The project work will focus on App Design for Brand new media where you will experience creating interfaces and pages, digital promotions, artwork and experience for social media.


Third module

The third module will focus on Experience Design & AI with the creation of content and products focused on interactivity and contaminations between digital and physical products.
The Project Work here will mainly be concerned with Experience Design & AI with the creation and development of an interactive product connected with an art or technology event.

As a second and third phase, teaching is complemented by outdoor learning with visits to companies and industry events.


Andrea Caperni

Design Director at Sketchin

Course Coordinator

Martina Carta

Ilaria Merola

Francesco Giuliani

Art Director

​Alessandro Risuleo

Patrizia Boglione

Creative Director at Translated

Manuela Paniccia

Interaction Designer

Gianluca D'Ottavio

Giovanni Campus

Eva Carducci

Maria Grazia Cilenti

Design Director

Irene Gambelli

Letizia Geron

Film Marketing Manager

Vito Iorio

Sara Lecci

Stylist consultant and Personal shopper

Orfeo Quarenghi

Max Giovagnoli

Transmedia Producer & Storyteller