Professional Photography

Master - Madrid

“We believe that photography is something you can easily teach yourself, you do not really need a school for that. In fact, our students usually know their trade quite well. What you do need are people who support you and give you input, advice, and courage – in fact, this is maybe the single most important thing. Learning by doing, but hand in hand with a strong team of professionals and tutors, this is the concept of Professional Photography Course at the IED Madrid.

Our invited lecturers have quite different working and teaching styles, according to their experiences and the fields they come from. The workshops will be held by professionals in the fields of documentary, fashion, portrait, product photography and advertising, but always with focus on creative techniques rather than pure camera work and technical knowledge. The borders between photographers who work on comisión and photographic artists are getting blurred. Commercial photographers seek opportunities to receive awareness for their “personal works” as well as photographic artists attract attention of art buyers and talent scouts that search for fresh approaches.

This Master Program will provide the students with working tools that they can then implement in many environments. Furthermore, they can decide for themselves how much they want to dig into each field, and find their own way of working with (and around) photography.

What we want to teach to our students is a methodology, not technical details. The invited specialists in photography, publishing, postproduction, lightning communication theory will teach from their own point of view, and emphasize things that they find most important. This broadness and also its international spirit make the course something really special.”

Ricardo Cases and Paul Kranzler

  • Credits
  • Start date
    October 2017
  • Duration
    9 months
  • Attendance
  • Language

This MA is made up of three modules focusing on Advertising and Editorial, Documentary and Reportage, and Fashion and Lifestyle. The students must present a final project along with a written dossier.

The main objectives of this Master program are:

• To offer students a view of current tendencies in applied and commercial photography.

• To implement the tools and knowledge used in the photography industry.

• To familiarise students with contemporary working methods in the field of production, studio management, post-production, publishing and stock.

• To show the cultural value of photography, forms of collaboration and creative funding models,

• To analyse the challenges and limitations of the market in times of strong media convergence and downsizing,

• To get to know about the history of photography in the context of design.

Professional Opportunities: This Master programme offers students the chance to access the field of professional photography, which has a high demand in many fields: Many artbuyers and photoeditors worked as photographers themselves or graduated in photography. Therefore they know the challenges and needs of photographic artists and can also communicate with them at eye level. This course could initialize an entry into professional life of creative industry regarding art buying, photo editing, agent, etc.

• Press and media photographer

• Fashion photographer

• Industrial advertising photographer

• Editorial photographer

• Post-production artist

• Art Buyer / Art director

• Studio Manager

• Art producer

• Photographic Director

• Talent Scout

• Photo Editor