Italian excellence in design and in noble craftsmanship will require more and more entrepreneurs and managerdesigners with a proactive stance towards local production

Management & Communication

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IED Management and Communication is the first IED platform dedicated to training in the management of creativity in business processes.

It proposes an alternative model to the traditional schools of economics, commercial studies and communication, concentrating mainly on the needs of creativity and artistic sensibilities which Italy is so famous for throughout the world.IED Management and Communication area proposes management training in which “design thinking” is the prevalent theme.

This creative approach, typical in the world of design, conditions the management and financial aspects of all businesses and which are a natural part of any business study experience.

The objective of the school is to train a manager who will be capable of promoting and managing, as a part of the management team in a creative or more traditional company, the development process of new products and services, taking a leading strategic role.

In this sense, this path of study represents an evolution in the traditional figure of a design manager, which aims to broaden his competence in terms of strategy, services, management and marketing.

All of the courses offered by the IED Management and Communication area are strongly attuned to the themes of sustainable development, both from an environmental as well as a social point of view: the courses are designed with the theme of sustainability present in every aspect of the educational process, so that aside from having in common just the principles of what is right and necessary, it actually constitutes an integral part of the total identity of the IED Management and Communication Area.

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Event Special Projects

La Rive Gauche of Madrid

The Red de Industrias Creativas has drawn an imaginary line between the modernist building on Calle Larra of IED Madrid and the Biblioteca Nacional, excitedly observing the concentration of cultural and creative activities that take place in the neighbourhood: art galleries, bookshops, theatres, cultural institutions and museums.

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IED MILAN – International OpenDay 17 April 2015

IED Milan is glad to invite prospective Students to join the next IED International Open Day, on Friday April, 17th (9,30 am to 1,30 pm), to experience the creative and exciting atmosphere of IED Campus in Milan and have a tour at “IED projects at Fuorisalone around Milano” (2,30 pm to 6,30 pm).

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