We can change a society by telling meaningful stories. The power of storytelling has switched the way we see and approach today’s global challenges

From oral tradition to digital or virtual supports, stories have been in the center of our activities as a society during the whole history. We exchanged knowledge and expressed our experiences in order to create a community, a sense of belonging. Storytelling has become one of the most important assets of today’s society, which we often define as information society. An asset that has become a power.

The way we communicate and share what is happening around us makes a big difference, and that is exactly what our students do. By observing what’s surround us, they create innovative and creative narratives that can change and shape the way we see the world. They design messages and strategies with the aim they are able to make an impact to our society and transform our future by bringing new meaning to today’s global challenges.

Discover the power of storytelling

Design a fair, diverse and equal world

Our students create outstanding communication strategies, spots and advertising campaign to create a more equal, diverse, inclusive and empathic world.

Una propuesta de estudiantes del IED Barcelona inspira la acción solidaria de la Fundación TEB por la inclusión desde el diseño