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Centuries of shared influences have marked the historical and cultural relations between Italy and Spain.

We can remember the Spanish domination over Milan, lasted almost two centuries, and that in southern Italy. In a way, the decision that Spain would be the first country outside Italy to host IED campuses came quite naturally.

In this city, one of the most important in the world and a crossroads of European and Latin American cultures, IED develops its teaching in design in its traditional areas (Design, Fashion, the Visual Arts and Communication), while also implementing innovative areas to train professionals capable of designing interactions, services and systems that put the focus on the individual.

These are professionals who are conscious of contemporary issues able to design according to environmental, ethical-social, economic and political requirements.



Javier Gallego, director of the Summer Course in the Design and Production of Leather Handbags

The IED Summer School is launching the first edition of the Summer Course in the Design and Production of Leather Handbags. The course will take place between the 13th and the 31st of July and is divided into two modules, the first of which will be carried out at the IED Madrid and the second of which involves a trip to Ubrique, including accommodation and transfers to and from Madrid.

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