Interior Design

Master - Madrid

Turning the spaces in which we live into truly habitable structures. That is the ultimate goal of interior design.
Interior design is more than a mere response to a purely functional or aesthetic requirement inscribed in a building program. It has undergone a radical transformation this century and has notably changed the way we conceive of space, and the way we build it and use it. New materials, new techniques, but also a new sensibility and a new narrative which has changed our understanding of our relationship with our immediate surroundings.

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    October 2017
  • Duration
    9 months
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IED at IZONE in Kiev

Special workshop on Design Innovation by Federico Ferretti and Dagmara Siemieniec, Coordinators of the Master Program in Design Innovation, Strategy and Product, hosted in The Hub Centre of IZONE, in Kiev.

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• Development in all its phases, from interior design projects, individually and in teams, starting from the initial genesis to the definition, presentation and communication of the project
• Analysis of the different problems of different types of Interior Design
• Specific management tools applied both to the development and the presentation and final communication of course projects
• Development of systems and construction elements that are representative of the project
• Design and choice of suitable furniture items for each project within the context in which it is integrated, as well as identification of styles and knowledge of the current market
• Development of lighting project as an integral part of the process of creating indoor environments
• Learn to correctly interpret the needs of a brand in the fashion industry

Professional Opportunities
• Interior design studios
• Department of interior design at architecture studios
• Design and monitoring of works at renovation companies
• Facility management departments at commercial brands
• Contract work for hotels, retirement homes and hospitality in general
• Renovation and maintenance at commercial spaces and offices
• Design and construction of stands
• Self-owned interior design studio

Dates and Schedule
October 2017 - June 2018
19.00-22.30 h (Mon to Fri, 3 to 5 days per week)