Fashion Marketing - From Strategy to Branding

Master - Milan

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The Master in Fashion Marketing - From Strategy to Branding forms fashion management professionals able to face the new challenges of a world in rapid and constant evolution. In particular, the course covers the study of the most important aspects of fashion marketing management, the communication techniques - focusing on aspects of positioning strategies and brand management - the identity and consumer needs without neglecting the analysis of digital media .

During the course there is a creative approach and strategy with the goal of developing innovative thinking and experimenting new strategies in the area.

Career opportunities:

After the Master, the figure of Fashion Marketing Manager will have the ability to approach different fashion segments: it can work in the areas of Brand Management, Corporate Marketing, Business Development, Distribution and Retailing or at counseling and communication agencies.

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  • Start date
    January 2017
  • Duration
    1 Year
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Entry requirements:

The Master in Fashion Marketing - From Strategy to Branding is designed for Italian and foreign graduates in Fashion, Communication and Marketing, as well as young professionals with at least two years of experience in the field.

Structure and methodology:

The Master in Fashion Marketing - From Strategy to Branding is structured in complementary units that examine the study of the different activities such as planning and marketing management: the main objective is the study and analysis of processes and methodologies for a valid testing of Marketing and Branding strategies in the fashion industry.

The pathway of study provides students with traditional classroom lectures and thematic discussions for the acquisition of established theories and methods. Furthermore it includes laboratory and experimental design activities aimed at engaging the student individually or in group (projects, workshops, tutorials, case studies, use of techniques and simulative role playing, etc.), business projects , reverse mentoring. The training culminates in a project aimed at checking the skills acquired by students during the master by a final project.

The fashion industry is investigated as an historical and cultural phenomenon, from the development of the stylistic codes of the late twentieth century to the emergence of the avant-garde style of the twenty-first century. Students will analyse emerging talents, fashion weeks, communication through drafting paper or via the web.
The students will approach the fashion business, including manufacturing and cultural features , and will explore the interactions in the fashion industry. They will learn to prepare a marketing plan, to position, promote and strengthen the brand by creating an identity that has a distinctive role in the panorama of the fashion market.

In communication students strengthen the analytical and critical skills, in order to develop a communication strategy. The study of marketing and digital media allows the development of skills related to orientation, analysis, strategic planning, evaluation, and ability to define an effective brief.

In the design management unit, the students acquire the relationship between design and management and its importance within a company and its marketing strategy.

The Master ends with the presentation of the final project, a summary of all courses in which the student develops the insights gained during the educational pathway.

  • Topics


      Goal of the course is to make students understand the value creation process in the fashion system. The course will put emphasis on the hybrid nature of the fashion business between manufacturing and cultural industry and on role of interactions and linkages within the fashion system among competences, activities and companies.


      Market segmentation, demand segmentation: the different market segments, analysis of the critical factors of success. The segmentation of the demand according to behaviours or lifestyles. From the definition up to the launch of the product, the different steps in developing the fashion marketing mix and the marketing plan


      Creation, management and development of the fashion brand. To link the concepts of Marketing, Customer Satisfaction, Brand and Branding from a “whole mind” perspective – highlighting the fact that “brand management” is not just a left-brain exercise - especially when it comes to fashion... culminating in the role of effective brand storytelling. How to position, communicate and strengthen the company brand by creating a distinctive brand identity in reference to the fashion market


      This course aims to give students the knowledge on the communication theories, their application within the fashion system and the ability to build a communication strategy within this industry, improving analytical and critical skills. It aims further to ideate contemporary communication instruments in order to adopt also to communication a new strategic outline.


      Fashion targeting is a refined and keen activity grounded on the skilful combination of different basic and advanced techniques. An ever-evolving competence that has to be learnt and trained thoroughly in order to address a specific consumer in the crowed fashion panorama.


      How this digital revolution is affecting the way companies research, design, sell? What is the impact on Fashion and Luxury brands marketing? How strategies can comprise web and digital and how this tendency is transforming companies in “Social Enterprises”? The course focuses on a structured approach to marketing for and within digital media, as a key success factor for the 21st century fashion business challenges.


      A contextual overview is given by exploring the stages involved in the application of design to business. It provides student with an understanding of the relationship between design and management and its importance within an organization and its marketing strategy.
It explains how design management can relate to the cultural, environmental, political and social impact of an enterprise.


      The complexity of a global market fed by local ideas and initiatives is growing, making forecasting really challenging. It is important to analyse the changes inside society, to study the sales processes, to listen to people’s wishes to change direction, and a lot more.


      The course tells about contemporary fashion through ideas, thoughts and works of the icons who influenced the history of modern costume, and those “new” names who are going to write the future of fashion.

Remarkable is that teacher who accomplishes himself what he teaches to others.
(Italian proverb)

IED faculty are professionals that daily face the market. Here you can read their bios.

Manuela Sacco - Coordinator

Manuela Sacco - Coordinator
Doctorate of Marketing, over twenty years as Market Research Director for multi-national companies, with local and international responsibilities: fmcg, semi-durables, apparel, all distribution channels – Coats Patons, Levi’s, Gillette Group, the most significant experiences. She experienced the supplier side at Envirosell for observational research and led worldwide projects – e.g. Adidas, Asprey&Garrard, Binda, Boots, Bottega Verde, C&A, CocaCola, Coin, Dior, Esprit, Foot Locker, Ikea, Kiabi, Lindex, Nike, Notos, Oviesse, P&G Prestige et Beautè, Philip Morris, Salmoiraghi&Viganò, Samsonite, Selfridges, Silhouette, Starbucks, Villeroy&Boch. Lecturer at international associations and universities, she has developed her own consulting studio, specializing in Marketing Intelligence and Retailing support activities.

Leila Cerullo

Leila Cerullo
She has developed over twenty years of experience in the fashion field, working in the press office of some of the most important fashion companies/brands such as Emporio Armani, Valentino, and as Head of PR and Press Office Italy&World for Vivienne Westwood in London and Fornari Group and Fashion Box Group back in Milan. She has also been Senior Account Director at one of the most relevant pr agency in Milan, Karla Otto.

Fabio Foschi

Fabio Foschi
In his career, Fabio Foschi has performed managerial experiences in different companies and sectors (chemical, automotive, textile, fashion) where he also held institutional positions both for Italian and European organizations. He is founder and director of Oaktree Consulting. Over the years, he has also been part of several companies’ board and is currently member of the Board of Fondazione Biella Master Fibre Nobili.

Tommaso Marini

Tommaso Marini
Graphic Designer and digital strategist, he’s worked for several years in London and Tel Aviv in the digital marketing field. Currently he’s Creative Director for the digital agency Mediaengine, dealing with Interaction Design projects, developing brand and corporate websites and digital strategies for various brands such as Neil Barret, MaxMara, Iceberg and N°21.

Rick Ray

Rick Ray
Managing Partner of Brandstory in Italy, the leading-edge brand strategy consultancy in Europe – pioneers in the development of the brand story as the motivating human face of brand strategy. MBA from the Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University). Former CEO of multinational marketing communications group in Italy. Former Managing Director of U.S. subsidiary of Italian multinational company. Experienced university lecturer on both sides of the Atlantic. Has worked closely at senior level with many of the world’s most well-known marketers and brands, both large and small.

Marco Ricchetti

Marco Ricchetti
Economist, is CEO at Hermes lab, a consulting company specializedin the fashion business, founder and member of the board of He is currently consultant and advisor to the president at the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana and Pitti Immagine and previously served for 10 years as economic research director at Federtessile the Italian Federation of the Textile and Fashion Industry.In the last 5 years, he has provided advice to textile and fashion companies worked in local, national and European wide level government projects relevant to textile and fashion industry. He teaches Fashion System at IED Milano (B.A.Hon and Master Level) and is currently member of the Scientific Committee of the 2015 Fashion Tales – Feeding the Imaginary, International Conference to be held in june 2015 at Milan Catholic University. He published books and articles in academic journals about the fashion industry organization in Italian and English and delivered speech and conferences in many European and Asian Countries.

Serena Sala

Serena Sala
Sociologist and image work communications consultant, Serena Sala for more than 20 years has been working in fashion, and communication. She is currently working with one of the major international bureaux de style: Textilrama Decocontract Brussels, formulating forecast consumer scenarios on specific realities in the most diverse sectors. Serena also works as global image coordinator for a satellite TV channels network and is involved in the trend analysis team of Li Edelkoort Group. Her experiences have spread leading industries such as Barneys New York, Bottega Veneta, Geox, L'Oreal, Luxottica, Marni and Persol, to name just a few of its cooperation.