Business Administration for Arts and Cultural Events

Start date: May 2014 | Duration: 6 months - full time | Language: English
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Increasingly, the art system—specifically contemporary art—requires its operators (gallery owners, mediators, art advisors, curators, etc.) multidisciplinary competences in the matter of art history and also economic-entrepreneurial ones.

The main objective of the Master in Business Administration in Arts and Cultural Events is, thus, to provide advanced knowledge and entrepreneurial skills necessary to deeply understand and successfully operate in the multifarious world of the arts.

The Master in Business Administration in Arts and Cultural Events program is designed for post-graduate student who wish to specialize professionally in the world of art market and cultural entrepreneurship. It is also intended for professionals and consultants already working in such sector. People currently working in field areas different from the above mentioned ones could also benefit from such program in so much as it could provide them with an opportunity to investigate their knowledge of such topics to take on different professional ventures and new entrepreneurial activities.




  • The program of the Master in Business Administration in Arts and Cultural Events is divided into three modules.

    The first one provides basic knowledge in the matter of art history and economics necessary to those ones operating in the world of the arts. The second part is dedicated to the understanding of the current context: new markets and international dynamics; art quotations and emerging artists; fair trends; the world and the psychology of auctions; museum politics; restrictions related to art circulation and trading. Finally, the latter part of the program provides the opportunity to observe first-handily the dynamics governing the world of the arts and interacting with its operators. Such module aims at delving into the strategies of cultural marketing, the evolution and functioning of the fair system, and the managing of galleries and auction houses.

    It also provides competences for a correct usage of important tools for trading, such a show to stay informed, how to read specialized press, price indexes, and new technology applied to this sector.

    Specific objectives:

    - Know the taxonomy of art markets and the role of the different professionals operating in them;
    - Understand the evolution and trends of contemporary artistic production at a national and international level;
    - Understand clearly the relevant macro-environment in terms of boundaries and socio-economic rules:
    - Define potential future scenarios in respects to commercial exchanges of art and new developing markets;
    - Understand how to structure new models of business related to art, its promotion, communication, and retailing.

    The out-coming profiles vary significantly from art dealer to art advisor; from an operator within an auction house to an expert in art communication, and so much more.


  • MODULE 3 – Laboratories and Case Studies
  • Silvia Ferri De Lazara - Course Coordinator

    Property Manager Villa Vescovi - Luvigliano at Fai - Fondo Ambiente Italiano

  • Fondazione Musei Civici Venezia
    Guggenheim Venice

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