This section describes the admissions rules for international applicants interested in the IED Summer Courses.The Summer Courses of the Istituto Europeo di Design are intended for:

– Introductory Summer Courses: An initial approach to the disciplines of design. Courses intended for anyone who wants to discover their passion and talent.
– Advanced Summer Courses: For people who wish to complement their education in order to respond to the demand for new qualified professionals.

For admission to the IED Summer Courses, the following conditions are required:

a. Applicants must have a Curriculum Vitae that fits the requirements described in the previous point (Introductory Summer Courses and Advanced Summer Courses).
 Applicants must be at least 18 years old (except in some exceptional courses).
c. Applicants must know the language in which the program is held. Students whose native language is different from the official program language must show evidence of an accredited intermediate level, both written and spoken.
For programs in English, they must present a TOEFL or other similar accredited certificate of an intermediate level.
For programs in Spanish, if the applicant does not have an accredited certificate, they may have an interview via Skype (Skype IED Madrid: master.iedmadrid).

If you fulfill these requirements, you can apply for direct admission to a course (2. HOW TO REGISTER) or you can request an interview with the Information and Orientation Service for assistance and support in choosing the most appropriate education for you and to learn the details about the organization, content, objectives and professional scenarios for each of the possible directions.

2.1 The first step to register for the course is to fill out the registration form, which you can find on the IED websites: IED Madrid:, then go to the Summer Course you are interested in and follow the link “Request course information and download the curriculum.”

2.2 Send the application form along with your CV and a letter of interest to the IED Madrid: .
A few days later, you will receive a response from the IED indicating the other documents you have to submit to confirm your admission. After interviewing with the Information and Orientation Service, the IED will send you an acceptance letter.

The last step is to pay the program fee.

To register for the program, please follow the deadlines provided by the Information and Orientation Service.

The program and registration fees will only be refunded if the program is cancelled or your student visa is denied. If this is the case, you must submit a letter from the Spanish Embassy where your visa was denied.

5. Summer Course Diploma
Upon completing the program, if the student has attended at least 85% of the classes and their final project has been approved, they will receive a Summer Course Diploma.

If you are from a country outside the European Community, you must apply for a student visa at the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in your country. There you will find important information and the documentation requirements for obtaining a Visa.

In any case, the IED Hospitality Department can also assist you: IED Madrid:


Participate in the Program Presentation
Before beginning classes, you will be invited to participate in the presentation of the program, where you will be provided with specific program information.

Please contact the Information and Orientation Service if you have any questions: IED Madrid:

Once you have completed these steps, you will officially be an IED student. Your new experiences are about to begin. Welcome to the IED!