IED Barcelona is the only centre in Spain that offers a three-year Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Degree (360 UK credits) that is taught entirely in English and validated by the University of Westminster.

IED Diplomas are the school’s own three-year qualifications with various pathways linked to design. Their aim is to provide the expertise and technical tools required to integrate into the job world with a top-level professional profile.

Enrolment Process

Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

The general admission requirements for the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) are: 

  • Baccalaureate qualification or equivalent
  • English language certificate that meets the requirements of the University of Westminster (IELTS level 6.0, which is equivalent to level C1 of the Common European Framework)
  • Face-to-face or online interview with the Orientation and Admissions Department and programme coordinator
  • Must be 18 years old by 31 December for the first year of the programme

Please click here for any other specific necessary requirements for each programme:

IED Diplomas

The requirements for IED Diplomas are: 

  • First-year Baccalaureate grades (or equivalent)
  • Cover letter (500 words)
  • Essay (500 words)
  • Face-to-face or online interview with Admissions Department and/or programme coordinator 

  1. Face-to-face interview at the school where you are going to study your programme (Barcelona, Bilbao or Madrid) or by video call if you live outside the corresponding city

  2. Access our online admissions platform to fill in the form and upload all the necessary documents

  3. Payment of enrolment fee to reserve your place and complete the enrolment process

Enrolment ends with the payment of the programme fee, which is set according to the fees for the academic year of enrolment and the dates established by the enrolment contract.

You will receive an email with details of the first day of class a few weeks before the start of your programme.

Have you met your academic advisor yet? Fill out this form with your course of interest and he/she will contact you.