The Istituto Europeo di Design is a Friend of the Rome Maker Faire

IED Living Factory, three days of workshops, meetings, laboratories and interviews with young makers organized by IED for the second edition of Rome Maker Faire, the largest trade fair dedicated to technology, innovation and the new dimension of digital crafts, testimony to the ever-growing movement that breathes life into these spheres of activity: the panorama […]

Masters of Design and Innovation 2015 Scholarships - IED Madrid

Winners of the Masters of Design and Innovation 2015 Scholarships

We would like to announce the results of the Scholarship Competition for the new edition of the Masters of Design and Innovation. The winners’ names are as follows: Master of Strategic Design Labs  Jazmin Karina Morales María Soledad Prieto Master of European Design Labs  Luda Galchenko Vladimir Chernosvitov Master of Product Design Labs  Leoriane Setti […]

Grants given by the Ministry for Education, Culture and Sport (MEC) 2014/2015

Grants given by the Ministry for Education, Culture and Sport (MEC) 2014/2015

The Ministry for Education, Culture and Sport, on BOE. No. 191 of the 7th of August, 2014, pages 63499 to 63536, announced the Grants for Higher Qualifications in Design, equivalent to a university degree (Graphic Design, Product Design, Interior Design and Fashion Design) which students at the IED Madrid can compete for. Deadline: 30th of September, 2014. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! […]

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If you haven’t decided the path to take in your education yet, you’re still on time to enrol in a Bachelor of Arts (Honours), IED Diploma or the One Year Course at IED Barcelona starting on the next 13th of October. If your heart is in the field of Fashion, IED Barcelona offers two BA […]



On Monday 13th of October there will be the Inaugural Conference of the Bachelor of Arts (Honours), IED Diplomas and One Year course. IED Barcelona directors and staff will give a co-hosted conference full of design visions, inspiration insights and new approaches to Fashion, Visual Communication and Management for Creative Industries. It will end with the introduction of general technical […]

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out - IED Madrid

Win a Fashion Summer Course at the IED Madrid during the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out

Once again, the top fashion event is taking place with the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, and, of course, IED Moda Lab Madrid will be in attendance on the 18th of September, to take part in an event full of workshops, exhibitions, competitions and special offers. We are taking advantage of this event to present the Instagram account of the […]

David Mendez - IED Madrid

Tatuajes de quita y pon. Taller presencial y gratuito

El tatuaje es otra forma de expresar y comunicar el bagaje personal del individuo y utiliza como lienzo creativo, el cuerpo. En él plasma toda información: sensitiva, emocional e intelectual que provenientes del mundo sutil. ¿Quieres ver como tu cuerpo tatuado y no te atreves a llevar un dibujo toda su vida? La escuela IED […]



They are a perfect solution for those who desire to combine their spare time during holidays with a new stimulating experience. Following a precise methodology and guided by professors from the chosen field, students will experience the development of aproject specific to their interests. …………………………………………….. Summer Courses in IED Florence:   – Fashion Communication Start date: […]

Raw Color - IED Madrid

Summer Courses | One Year Courses 2015

They are a perfect solution for those who desire to combine their spare time during holidays with a new stimulating experience. Following a precise methodology and guided by professors from the chosen field, students will experience the development of aproject specific to their interests. …………………………………………….. Summer Courses in IED Florence:   - Fashion Communication Start date: June 2015 […]

El Sol Festival - IED Madrid1

The Advertising Creativity Event. The Master of Communication Design Labs at the Bilbao Festival El Sol

The must-visit creativity event in Spain is El Sol, El Festival Iberoamericano de la Comunicación Publicitaria. This is an international multimedia event which brings together great Spanish and Latin American publicists, and was not to be missed by the students of the Master of Communication Design Labs. This Festival, created in 1986 by the Asociación Española de Agencias de […]

News and Events

News and Events

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IED and Eastpak - Bag in Town

IED and Eastpak - Bag in Town

Two students form Product Design Course were selected as finalsits in the Eastpak's contest "Bag in Town"



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