A city on the constant lookout for something new.

Rio De Janeiro

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Rio de Janeiro has always been the summary of everything that is Brazil.

It is the point where cultural diversities converge, and the theatre where all the country leading cultural movements and events stage their débuts.

Rio is home to the samba and the bossa nova, to Brazil modern architecture and contemporary art, to concrete poetry and the neo-realist “Cinema Novo” movement.

The city rich plastic creativity, inventive capacity, fascinating colour schemes and “re-invented” materials are a genuine sign of Brazil multiple identities.

This is a spontaneous and non-academic form of design in practice, a sort of crossdiscipline where fashion, graphic and product design meet in search of an evolution of forms and experiences.

Within the boundaries of Rio Genius Loci, IED will focus its teaching programs to take in not only Design, Fashion, Communication and Visual Arts, but also the innovative principles of sustainable architecture and of strategic and service design.

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IED – Istituto Europeo di design is holding one-to-one orientation sessions for all those young talents who are interested in enrolling in any course among IED’s offer.

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