IED Rio is a place where creative minds come together. Designers, fashionistas, artists and enthusiasts converge in this research centre where innovation and all creative disciplines take centre stage.

The IED headquarters in Rio de Janeiro opened its doors in 2022 with a shiny new address: the Casa d'Itália. Built in the 1930s, the building is also home to the Italian Consulate General and the Italian Culture Institute. With a combination of elements of both Italy and Rio, the new IED Rio headquarters has spectacular views of some of the most famous sights in the city, like the Sugarloaf mountain, Corcovado, Church of Our Lady of the Glory of the Outeiro and also Flamengo Park, with the Modern Art Museum (MAM) just a few steps away.

Rio de Janeiro captures the essence of Brazil, a cultural convergence point providing a stage for important artistic movements. As an independent centre, our school in Rio has a strong focus on enhancing project design culture, knowledge and know-how. Working as a development laboratory, we bring together students, teachers, professionals and companies seeking creative and innovative solutions, with an eye on social transformations and demands of the future.

Our independent training method adapts to the different profiles of students and teaching staff, with a view to keeping up with market pace. Our Design courses cover four key areas: Fashion, Strategy & Management, Graphic & Digital and Product & Spaces.

A school of people

Gianfranco Pisaneschi

Diretor Geral IED Brasil

Paula Belfort

Diretora Acadêmica IED Brasil

Eduardo Soares

Diretor Administrativo Financeiro IED Brasil

Fabiano Pereira

Diretor IED Cried - Centro de Inovação IED Brasil

Ana Cotta

Coordenadora da Pós-Graduação em Branding

Luiza Godoy

Coordenadora da Pós-Graduação em Design de Interiores Contemporâneo

Gláucia Neves

Coordenadora da Pós-Graduação em Marketing e Comunicação de Moda

Almir Mirabeau

Coordenador do One Year em Design Gráfico e Digital

Carolina Baltar

Coordenador do One Year em Design de Interiores

Yamê Reis

Coordenador do One Year em Design de Moda