The Fondazione Francesco Morelli is the owner of all the companies which form part of the Gruppo IED. 

We are present in Italy through our parent company IED S.p.A. In 2022 we transformed this into a Benefit Company, in order to formalise our positive impact on society and on the planet. In creating IED S.B.p.A. we have included in our corporate objectives the things which have always been part of our DNA: the generation of shared value for the community and the environment, and the commitment to operate in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards people, communities, territories and the environment, and towards cultural and social assets, activities, organisations, associations and other stakeholders.

From the box at the bottom of the page it is possible to download and consult our first Impact Report for the academic year 2022/2023: an important work as it marks the beginning of a new internal evaluation process and a method that highlights IED's commitment to act by producing impacts of common benefit to the community, thanks to the involvement of the entire community made up of students, faculty, Alumni and staff.

IED S.B.p.A. is led by a Board of Directors. This is an administrative, economic and asset management body, assisted by a Board of Statutory Auditors, to protect our image and reputation, the expectations of stakeholders and the work of our personnel.

The Board of Directors of IED S.B.p.A. is made up of three members:

  • Carlo Allorio, President 
  • Francesco Gori, Chief Executive Officer 
  • Emanuele Soldini, Director 

IED S.B.p.A. has an Organisation, Management and Control Model, the functioning and observance of which have been entrusted to a Supervisory Body. Consistently with the indications of the Legislative Decree number 231/2001, we have also chosen to formalise a Code of Ethics, in order to make clear our values, principles and rules of conduct, and to communicate them to all public interlocutors. 

I.L.E.M. srl, with the Accademia di Belle Arti Aldo Galli, has been part of the Gruppo IED S.B.p.A. since 2010 and is managed by a Board of Directors composed of:

  • Igor Zanti, President
  • Emanuele Soldini, Director
  • Paola Zini, Director

In Spain, Gruppo IED operates through the company IED S.L., governed by a Board of Directors consisting of: 

  • Agusti Valls i Prats, President
  • Emanuele Soldini, Director 
  • Eliana Capodicasa, Director 

IED S.L. controls 100% of the company Kunsthal SL, whose legal representative is Agusti Valls i Prats.

In Brazil, finally, we have the IED Istituto Europeo di Design LTDA, a company incorporated under Brazilian law, legally represented by Andre Luis Fonseca Sergio. This is a holding company and is a founding and financing member of the Brazilian law Association Istituto Europeo di Design – São Paulo, directed by Gianfranco Pisaneschi.