Home Decor



Start date

March 2023




On campus


4 Months


1.250 €

The Home Decor course targets people who - for the first time in their lives - tackle the issues of home furnishing and domestic interiors.

The objective is to learn how to recognize the most effective tools for creating a harmonious and cosy home decor. In order to accurately decorate a space, it is necessary to think about its everyday uses, finishing touches, decoration and furniture, matching these elements together in a refined way. 

Possible solutions always correspond to personal taste, but these choices should in any case not to be left to chance, because they are key in determining the quality of life of the people who live a house.

Admission requirements: no specific training is required.

Language: The lessons are held in Italian language; to attend the course, is required a good knowledge of Italian language reading and oral comprehension.

Information to decide

Studying practical solutions, the course develops creativity, a sense of colour and the capacity of transforming internal spaces through the choice of furniture and an adequate lighting.


Three modules compose the course:
In-depth visits to interior design showrooms
Classroom lessons
Creative workshop

The following topics will be developed:
How to evaluate a space and do a field survey.
Excursus on the history of Interior Design: from the 20’s to current developments
Recent trends and styles in Interior Design (from fashion to life-styles)
How to chose and use colours and finishing touches
How to chose lamps and different lighting effects
Elements of the software Sketch-Up (free download) for Interior Design


Gisella Veronese

Interior Designer

Andrea Manfredi