29 February 2024

IED Firenze's Project Week is back and this year's brand partner is 24Bottles.

The Project Week is back, a week of creative design where theory meets practice in a continuous flow of ideas, allowing undergraduate students to fully immerse themselves in the real world of business and creativity.

From February 26 to March 1 classes in Fashion, Visual Arts, Design and Communication will transform visions and concepts into tangible solutions, alongside 24Bottles: the Italian design brand born in 2013 with the goal of reducing the impact of disposable plastic bottles on the planet and our lives.

Launching a new collection


The assigned goal is to build a complete experience around the brand to launch a new collection that pays homage to the true Italian dolce vita with a retro postcard atmosphere and vintage-pop charm.

The Brief


The team from Marketing and Communication courses will identify the target for the collection, aiming to increase its visibility and online sales. A multi-channel launch campaign with slogans and images will be presented to attract visitors to the 24Bottles e-commerce.

Fashion Design students have accepted the challenge of creating a fashion accessory line that serves as an extension of the new collection, enhancing graphics, colors, and bottle concepts. This approach not only aims to increase upselling but also enrich the product's visual identity, making it a desirable design object.

The Interior Design groups will take an equally innovative direction, designing a multifunctional pop-up display, easily integrable in multi-brand corners, single-brand stores, and trade fair stands. Focus will be on functional innovation, harmonious integration of brand elements, and simplification of assembly and transport phases. Crucial project elements include:

  • Use of durable and sustainable materials;
  • Adaptability to different spatial configurations and simplified logistical management;
  • An ecologically responsible approach.

This project tangibly demonstrates how interdisciplinary collaboration among students from different sectors can generate innovative solutions, positively contributing to the environment and society.

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