Restoring the past and the present as part of the culture of designing processes.


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Universally acknowledged for its great quality in manufacturing textiles – especially silk — this lakefront city was the epicentre of last century artistic and architectural avantgardes. A cultural institution that is the pride of this city and one of Italy finest schools of restoration, the Galli Academy joined the IED Group in 2009. Capitalising on its primacy in this field, its teaching courses have been implemented to encompass new materials (for restoration) and objects made of pottery, glass, metals and metal alloys: a process innovation that has few parallels in the leading country of the world for restoration. The Academy new courses in Fashion Design, aligned with the production system in the Como area, best represent the excellence that thrives in this district.

The founder and President of IED - Istituto Europeo di Design passed away last night

“I would like to pass on an IED that places at the heart of its reflections the students. The students who are the true driving force of our work. Young talents to support while they navigate within a galaxy of opportunities, not only within their local communities but in the whole world”
OCTOBER, 26TH 2017

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IED in Kiev

Lecture and workshop about 2020 trends in Fashion and Design by IED open to registration at IZONE, creative community in KIEV. The whole Ukrainian creative professionals is invited!

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Undergraduate Courses

Our Fashion and Textile Design course aims to train highly flexible professionals with an in depth understanding of all stages from manufacturing to the marketing of the product, professionals with a solid cultural background and a high ability to perform in a team. The contemporary fashion system demands that the designers have a strong multidisciplinary and are able to successfully deal with all requests from the field.



Undergraduate Courses

The meaning attributed to the definitions of “restoration” and “conservation” has changed over the centuries and is subject to continuous changes in relation to ‘the evolution of thought on the subject of conservation and its complex relations to artistic, social, philosophical and historical. The Aldo Galli Academy of Fine Arts has over 35 years of experience in the field of restoration of Cultural Heritage.