23 November 2023

DI NOTTE was produced as part of the Laboratory of Training in Cinema, under the artistic direction of Silvio Soldini.

A group of lecturers and students from the IED OffiCine, Benefit project of IED, met for a long discussion on the subject of abuse, how and where it begins, the circumstances surrounding it, how to represent its mechanisms and how to help deconstruct them, with the aim of finding a form of communication that, through film, changes the narration of gender-based violence and aids the accountability of men in recognising, combating and repudiating violence and abuse, even when materialised in less conscious, visible or tragic ways.

Thanks to the collaboration with WINDTRE and support from the Fondazione Libellula, these considerations have led to the short film DI NOTTE, written by the young talents Roberta Martinelli and Marcello Pedretti, along with Art Director Silvio Soldini and a group of special lecturers: Luca BigazzI, Doriana Leondeff, Carlotta Cristiani and Giorgio Garini. Acting in the film are Enrico Borello, who will be playing in the upcoming film by Mainetti, and Valentina Romani, who appeared in Nanni Moretti’s latest film, and in Mare Fuori.

 DI NOTTE tells about street harassment, fear and powerlessness, but its approach is special and different: violence doesn't need to be visually shown, but it is left offscreen as a means to stimulate greater awareness on the part of the viewer through emotions and empathy. In the short, danger is ultimately avoided, and the non-act itself broadens the perspective regarding violence, which explodes and terrifies right from the preliminary stages.

The short film will be made available for all to see on Saturday, 25 November, on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to reflect, to change perspective, to say enough to gender-based violence. Here you can view the short film with English subtitles.

IED reminds its entire community that by calling the toll-free number 1522, active 24/7, specialised operators can provide assistance to requests for help and support of victims of violence and stalking. This service is offered by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Department for Equal Opportunities.

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